I like DivX! :) and i loved Micro DVD player ;) because I think it was a great player… ;)

But i couldn’t find an autorun that met my simply needs.

So i’m trying to develop an “intelligent” autorun that works with MicroDVD and BsPlayer.

My first idea is that my autorun had to check if MicroDvd 1.2 is installed on your system…

If there is: okay, nothing to do! Just run it to play this CD.

If there isn’t: it checks if u have Mdvd 1.1, if it finds 1.1, it’ll ask to u if u want to install version 1.2 or want to use that one installed on your system.

If no player found… it’ll ask if u want to install Mdvd or want to run it from CD…

At this moment, my autorun has more features, because my needs changed :)

Some features:

  • Check for installed Micro DVD, ask to install it or to run it from CD
  • Check for video codec (actually only DivX 3.11 Alpha, DivX 4 and DivX 5.02)
  • Check for audio codec (actually only mp3 and DivX Audio)
  • Show an image at startup
  • Small size (thanks to Nullsoft’s NSIS)
  • Freeware and opensource ;)
  • For Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95

I’m working to:

  • add check for XviD video codec
  • add check for Ac3 filters and Ogg Vorbis audio codec
  • add BsPlayer full support

Many thanks to the creators of BsPlayer, a great player :) , to Tiasoft for Micro DVD Player, and many many thanks to Nullsoft for their Nullsoft “SuperPimp” Install System (NSIS), and for Winamp3.


Latest version is 0.6.0.

Download the software or the source code.

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